Family Law & Divorce

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Family Law & Divorce

Victor Biancardi is your trusted family attorney in Stamford, CT.
If you need a fair, aggressive, and committed Stamford area Attorney you can call on us. Getting Divorced, Fighting about Custody, Alimony and Child Support can be extremely stressful and confusing. The Court process can be overwhelming to anyone! We will help you through the process and treat you with respect. We care about outcome of your case as much as you do!
The Law Office of Victor Biancardi handles: Divorce, Alimony, Custody, Child Support, and Post Judgment Family Matters, LBGTQ, Parenting Plans, Legal Separation, Property Division, Domestic Violence, & Modification of Enforcement Orders.
We will help guide you through this very difficult time in your life. We know the process itself can be confusing and can be overwhelming. We will try to ease the frustration and pain in the process especially where children are involved.
We offer reasonable fees and are always available. We work out of our home office so we can meet you day or evening and are conveniently located. We offer free consultations. We can work with you on payments because we work out of our home keeping our overhead costs lower.
If you need a loyal, truthful, aggressive, experienced, persistent, and compassionate lawyer to Pprotect and fight for your rights call us at the Law Offices of Victor Biancardi at 203-588-0303.

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